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inmov cement tiles

Cecilia Alemagna, curator


inMov is a research on contemporary cement tiles’s manufacturing. Starting from a “divisionale”, a mould used toseparate colors, it is possible to obtain multiple configurations, from a basic pattern, to more complex and dynamic systems. Floor and wall tiles become more than simple decorations, they can transform any space adding the uniqueness of an old craft tradition reinterpreted to a more contemporary mood.


“The universe (that others call the Library) is composed of an undefined number, possibly infinite, of hexagonal galleries (…). From any hexagon you can see the never-ending upper and lower floors.”

Inspired by ‘The Library of Babel’ by Borges, Finzioni is made up of an order 3 hexagon that offers numerous options for compositions.


Portland is the most widely known type of cement. Portland is used to produce cement tiles together with marble powders and iron oxides (colourants).
Portland is a game.
Six coloured radii of a hexagon appear and disappear, tracing or interrupting paths and trajectories.

inmov cement tiles

Cecilia Alemagna, coordinamento scientifico e allestimento.


Isola Design Discrict | Atelier Kondakij | Via Civerchio 2 | Milano